Triathlon Screening

In 2007 I took up the sport of triathlon as a complete novice. I had transitioned from elite hockey and brought with me lots of ‘injury baggage’, but thankfully enough grit and determination to compensate. In the years since I progressed from clueless amateur to World and European Age Group Champion, and then followed a 5 year stint racing professionally.


It’s now my passion to help others achieve their dreams in Triathlon. Whatever your level or ambitions, I know what it takes to become your best in this sport. Central to this, is the ability to train consistently. Its very hard to improve when you are frequently sidelined due to injuries, or if you simply don’t know what your weak areas are.


With this in mind, I’ve developed a screening program to assess all the movement and strength elements required to swim/bike/run. Based on the screening you will be given a personalised flexibility and strengthening program to follow. This will help you train consistently through injury prevention, and also help you race faster through being a more efficient athlete.