Run Analysis

Stand roadside and watch any event from a 5k Park Run to the Comrades Ultra marathon and you will see the same thing….everyone runs so differently! Why? For the majority, none have been taught how to run, they just run. Some better then others.


In my job as a physio, I often see the pain and disappointment caused by poor run form. I’ve also learnt a great deal from my own injuries and the process of rehab and tweaking my run technique that I needed to return to racing.


I’ve combined years of experience as an elite athlete and sports physio to develop an extensive run screening program. I assess the movements and strength elements required to run well, in conjunction with video analysis, to improve self awareness and highlight run technique areas to improve. A video report and individualised flexibility and core program, along with cues and strategies to improve run form, are all part of the package to help you run your very best and avoid recurrent injuries.